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Trillion's Story

A Trillion Candle is an exclusive way to demonstrate your discerning taste for wealth and power. Each Trillion Candle features the highest-quality diamond that will be treasured for a lifetime.

At the heart of each candle, a diamond dances in the lap of luxury. The diamond symbolizes eternity, prosperity and perseverance. A diamond’s true power and value comes from its ability to instill incomparable strength in those who own them. Coming together to symbolize life and celebration, our coconut soy wax candle is blended with a high-quality fragrance, producing a clean burn. Each candle offers an enticing and luxurious scent, indulging the senses.

In The Making

A Trillion Candle has three wicks, representing light while signifying the unity between candle and diamond. As the flames run their course, the pure white wax will change color. At first, the candle is an untainted white, the balance of all colors, representing a successful beginning. Gradually, with each burn, the wax will turn a more saturated blue, the color of health, happiness and relaxation.

What makes a Trillion Candle one-of-a-kind is your own individual tastes. Choose the carat, color and clarity of your GIA Certified diamond to place at the core of your candle. We provide from a selection of only the clearest, most beautiful diamonds. The most sought-after diamonds are colorless, symbolizing purity.

The truly indulgent aspect of a Trillion Candle is the sense of anticipation as you wait for your diamond to emerge from the melted wax. A Trillion Candle is crafted to transform something ordinary into a memorable experience. From discovering a beautiful diamond to exploring an intriguing new fragrance, Trillion Candles are designed to create a diamond moment worth sharing with family and friends.

Why Trillion

A Trillion Candle is never to be forgotten – when the outer shell has melted away, the diamond soul stays with you forever. Our product is designed as a signature treasure for those who seem to have it all, an item to be admired and collected. A Trillion Candle will immerse you in extravagant serenity.






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